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Back to Wallpaper*

I used to love seeing Wallpaper arrive. I’d subscribed for years and it always felt like a real treat when it landed. It’s a heady mix... architecture, fashion, and beautifully designed products but the level of advertising started to wear me down.

Turning over page after page to eventually get to an article became increasingly annoying until an issue arrived with seemingly endless pages of celebrity endorsed brands hawking their trinkets and scents before you’d even got to the contents page and I’d had enough. Yes, the glossy ads are part and parcel of this type of publication but it had just got too much; time to let the subscription go and move on.

A variety of different magazines have all taken a spot in my satchel since but the problem was I found pages full of images I’d already seen. The ever increasing number of bookmarked blogs and websites on my computer was keeping me pretty up to date. So I kind of gave up on the culture vulture glossy; ‘the design lead publication will always be behind online content so what’s the point?’ This did cause a problems, firstly, the part of my brain that enjoyed switching off my computer and reading up on the wider design world was now missing a part of the puzzle. Saturday morning coffee, tunes on and nothing to dip in and out of and secondly, most of the sites and blogs I follow are ‘graphic design’ lead so it was all getting very inward.


So after a six month break, I caved and hit the subscribe button on Wallpaper’s website and again I turn page after page of ads that wrap the articles like lagging jackets but now, having been without it, Wallpaper feels good to hold again. This months (October 2014) carries ‘The Wallpaper Top 100 Global Design Elite’, an amazing list of people to read up on, be inspired by and learn from and as I finished reading the article I realised this is what I’d been missing; an out, something that regularly takes me past the homogenised design world content.

By Conor