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The Bradley

I’m not sure I’d be classed at a horophiliac* but I do love and own a lot of watches; I don’t feel dressed until there's one on my arm or in my pocket. In a world of beautifully designed time pieces it’s a watch design for the visually impaired thats really caught my eye recently.


USA design company Eone launched The Bradley as a Kickstarter and received a landslide of backing. The design and materials (the body is titanium) are beautifully clean and elegant making it an instant classic and the timepiece was nominated for the Design Museum’s Design of the Year.


‘Instead of traditional watch hands, time is indicated by two ball bearings — one indicating minutes (top), and one indicating hours (side).These two ball bearings are connected, with magnets, to a watch movement beneath the watch face.The magnets make it so that even if the ball bearings are moved when touched, they spring back to the correct time with a gentle shake of your wrist.’

The watch is named after Bradley Snyder, a gold and silver medalist for the USA at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. The ex-naval officer had lost his eyesight in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2011.

From a purely aesthetic point of view The Bradley is a beauty. I love the large face and the simplicity of the dial is really pleasing too.  This watch is definitely on my ‘want list’.

By Conor

*Horology is the study of timekeeping devices and an horologist is someone who performs such study. Horophilia it the interest in, love of, or obsession with timekeeping devices. An avid collector might be called an horophiliac.